Discover Sacred Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine that helps opens the heart

What is Sacred Cacao?

Chocolate as you’ve never experienced it before – as a medicine in a group setting to create connection in community and become clearer about what really matters to your heart

In the ceremony there is a chance to re-connect to your heart’s wisdom to set intentions of let go and also of bringing in new ways of being. In this warm space you are held and nurtured and will experience a heightened sense of connectedness to everyone else around you, others in your life who are not present and to the sacredness of all that surrounds you.

What happens in a Ceremony?

The format is very loose allowing for us to tune into what is really alive and respond to that, rather than imposing structures from the mind. Very often it includes:

  • Meditation
  • Intention Setting
  • Dancing
  • Soft Intimacy Exercises (respecting one’s own boundaries of course!)
  • Tantra
  • Resting as a Group


The Drink

The drink used in our ceremony is made from 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao. It contains a  blend of spices and super foods and  is suitable for vegans.

The ceremony itself lasts for around 3 and a half hours but the effects stay around in a more subtle way for a few hours after this and you can tune into the wisdom by reconnecting to a quiet space. Some lethargy and emotional movement may occur later after a ceremony as there is an integration and rest period – this is a good time to allow all old emotions to just pass through like a breeze as deep patterns are released. Nurture and be easy on yourself.


The good news is that this damage can also be un-done, un-learned and the best method for this is through Biodanza, which uses music, dance and exercises to relax the overly ambitious outer-brain and help stimulate the mid-brain during a session. The results of this start a sequence of effects that work all the way down to the cellular and genetic level to help brings the body back into balance and to allow the best environment for our innate potential to grow.

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